O U R  S T O R Y

Sandra:  Work in industry now, Inc. began after 15+ years in higher education, Sandra noticed a missing link between industry (employers) and workers (students).  As a first-time in college (F.T.I.C.) and first generation student, she didn't realize until her senior year practicum class that she really did not enjoy her major.  What if she had been provided the 'how to' career readiness skill sets beforehand?  What if she had figured out her interpersonal skills and potential work skillsets beforehand?  As the Chief Strategist and CEO, she is working on linking students/people to local, experiential learning opportunities   through an app (Phase I) and later other Ed Tech applications.  In her spare time, you can find her checking out parks and food trucks.

Ajani:  After 10+ years in higher education, Ajani took interest in matching interpersonal skills to fulfilling career data sets. As the CTO and co-founder (aka: data and programming guru), he works in keeping the startup sane and fun with all things technology.  When not working, he is playing video games.

O U R  V I S I O N

Create social innovation Ed Tech technologies linking students/people to jobs.

S E R V  I C E S

Out website and project is in progress as we work to create Social Innovation in the Ed Tech space.  

C U S T  O M E R S:
  • High Schools
  • All Industries
  • Colleges
S T A Y  I N  T O U C H
San Antonio, Texas, USA

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