Work it Wednesday: What do I want the future to look

The Future

My children's school asked them to write a one-pager of what they want their city to look like in 20, 50 or 100 years. I thought to write what I envision not only for our city's future but all of our communities across the United States and world. Yes, I am an idealist but as I like to say, "Without hope, it is quite difficult to imagine that good will among good folks will prevail."

In 50 years, this city, San Antonio, Texas, and all other across the world will live in peace without tyranny, hunger or violence. All humans will be respected, treated with dignity and have a job that pays a living wage where they can support themselves and their families. All people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity will have access to an education, basic civil rights and health insurance.


All students who choose post-secondary education locally or out-of-city, return to contribute to all of our communities. There is no more brain-drain.

Local, non-profits talk to all soon-to-be parents about proper care, both physically and emotionally and teach nutritious feeding habits. Child Protective Services entities sees the lowest amount of cases since its existence; so much, they transfer their employees to another branch of the government and the department only has 1 employee for an ‘as needed basis’.


More native San Antonians and folks of all communities serve on boards, whether young or old, they sit on high-profile boards. No longer will boards, to include city council are made up of mostly non-locals. Civics, communication, service and giving back, either in forms of volunteering or monetary contributions, is part of middle school curriculum curated by Texas Education Agency and all other 49 state k-12 agencies plus all countries on Earth. As a bonus, the United Nations gives us and award applauding the innovation and effectiveness of the program.


Local, small and mid-size companies will give our high school students opportunities to explore possible carriers before the graduate high schools. Resumes or proving work history is no longer utilized as a rating scale for qualifying for a job. Instead, folks are judged on career and social/emotional levels. This way, those who cannot afford to intern for free in their college career, if they get to a college after graduation, and/or cannot apply or attend a summer internship will not be inadvertently penalized for having to work during the summer to take care of themselves or their familias. If a student does obtain a college education, they have built-in experience from both their high school and part-time job.


In large metropolitan areas, we will have a green, light rail run on reusable, sustainable energy. Bike lanes and electric power vehicles will be the norm as well as hovering vehicles (similar to the hover skateboard).

Health Insurance

Insurance will be accessible to all and no one can be excluded. Also, all areas of providers will be paid accordingly and not need to haggle with insurance companies. Nurses, laboratories and physician offices have a livelihood too and should be compensated accordingly.

This is my vision for all of us and since I have a lot of time to think, aside when I'm pretending to teach my kids K-12 curriculum and working full-time, I feel it is a solid dream that we can all hope for each other.

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